Chickey's Herbals

I am Tara Chickey and I began Chickey's in 2013, which consists of herbal salves, balms and handmade, cold processed soaps. My love for creating herbal products began with my first garden. While loving the vegetables that I planted, I began to wonder about those weeds that were growing in between all of my purposefully planted vegetables. After reading, taking workshops, attending various national herbal conferences and attending a shamanic apprentice intensive with Susun Weed, I began to learn that those weeds were far more nutritious and nourishing for my body and soul than anything I could purchase in a store. So grew my love for herbalism and the weeds. 

Since 2013 I have been teaching the community, along side Sara Rose of Yoga Nature, how to make simple medicines made from local weeds and plants which has made me realize how amazing it is to help others feel empowered to take their health into their own hands. As well as herbal workshops designed for both men and women, we also see the power of gathering as women to heal. Sara Rose and I have been working together to create women's workshops and retreats since 2013. More information about our Sacred Women Spiral Retreat at: Yoga Nature.

Many of the beautiful photos used on this site are shot by Haley Harned.